What You Need To Do To Pass Your Next Drug Test

Your next drug test result could affect future education or employment prospects. The tricky thing about drug tests is that sometimes, you never know when they’re coming. Even if you get a heads up a few days before the test, drug metabolites tend to stay in the body a few days or even months after your last use.

The best way to avoid a positive result would be to be clean. However, for the times when you aren’t, there are a few ways to get that negative test result by the time the next drug test comes around.

Do it naturally

If you have a pretty good idea when your next drug test will be, you can detox the natural way. With a good diet and exercise, you can remove any trace of prohibited substances in as early as 4 weeks. Drink plenty of water to promote the flushing process and steer clear of processed foods and red meat. Increase your intake of high fiber foods because these help detoxify the system. Exercise can also speed up the detoxification process, apart from its other benefits.

Use synthetic urine

Synthetic urine can be helpful if you only had a day or two day’s notice before a drug test at work. Synthetic urine is formulated to have the same chemical properties of human urine, including normal levels of creatine, pH, and specific gravity. Synthetic urine products come in powder form.

Wash it all out

People who tested negative with urine tests can still test positive when hair follicles are tested instead. This is because while drug traces may no longer be present in the bloodstream, some could still be present in the hair follicles and they remain there until the hair has been outgrown and cut off or after a 90 day period. Fortunately, there are a number of shampoos that are formulated to strip drug metabolites off from hair strands. These are designed to break down the outer layer, called the cuticle, and penetrate the inner core where the metabolites are located. With the core of the hair shaft exposed, it is easy to wash off the metabolites and ensure a negative result in your next hair follicle drug test.

Time it

Timing is everything when it comes to drug tests. Experts recommend peeing at least twice before the test to increase your chances of getting a negative result. The first pee of the day tends to contain the highest amount of metabolites. If you know what time the test will be conducted, make sure you have peed two or three times prior to that.

Pee near the end of the stream

The urine stream near the end is believed to contain a lesser amount of metabolites than the urine stream at the beginning. This method is not 100% effective, but it could make a big difference if you already had a low concentration of metabolites in the bloodstream, to begin with. You can do this by peeing first into the toilet bowl and catching the mid-stream or the stream near the end of the urine flow.


Use Vitamin B

Detox drinks and frequent elimination to remove all toxins can leave you with abnormally clear urine which can make the average lab technician suspicious. Vitamin B2 or B12 can help bring back the natural color to your urine. Do this by adding 100 mg of any B-complex vitamin two hours before the test to produce a normal, amber-colored urine sample.

Take aspirin

Scientific studies have revealed that it interferes with drug screening and masks certain substances that typical drug kits test for. Four pills, taken 4-6 hours before the test, can help you increase your chances of getting a negative drug test result. Be warned, however, that taking this much in so short a time can leave you lightheaded for a few minutes, so take proper precautions prior to ingestion.

Flush it out

Natural detox can only do so much. If you are strapped for time, you can speed up the detox process by flushing out the toxins from the body using detox drinks and powders. They come formulated as regular beverages with additional ingredients that promote elimination of toxins. Detox drinks work on almost all types of drugs, from marijuana to cocaine, opiates to amphetamines, barbiturates and even nicotine. Experts also recommend avoiding drug use 48 hours prior to using the detox drink and limiting water consumption to 12 oz. per hour. Avoiding sugary drinks and limiting exercise, and urinating 3-4 times before the test can help ensure a negative result. Most detox drinks reach peak effectiveness 2 hours after consumption so knowing when to take the drink plays a great role in getting the right result.

There are so many reasons why you would want to clear up any traces of toxins from your body. Your job may come with excessively tight policies on the use of drugs, even in cases when you are using a legal but regulated substance. You may be facing a routine health inspection and want your bloodstream to be clear of drug metabolites or toxins. Or you simply want to be free from any drug metabolites as soon as possible in an effort to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. Any of the tips mentioned above can help you get the result you need so you can ace that drug test the next time it’s done.